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Industrial Battery Accessories

Traction Cell Pillars (Terminal Post)

Capacity: Can produce 4 million cast pillars in a year.
Material: Lead alloy of 4.5% antimony, 9RTA and 2T lead alloy.
Models: - DIN and BS types.
Sizes: Height – From 50.5mm to 188mm.
Type of insert: - Brass and copper
Plating: - Inserts are 100% pure lead plated.

Flexible Cable Connectors

Capacity: Can produce 3 million inter-cell cable connectors in a year.
Material: High quality, acid proof Super Flex 'Forprene' sheathed copper cable.
Models: Suitable for DIN and BS traction batteries.
Sizes: Available in 25, 35, 50, 70 and 95sqmm diameter.
Centre Distance from 75mm to 3000mm.
Type of insert:- Brass and copper with lead plating

Copper Rigid Connectors

Capacity: Can produce highly complex and accurate Sleeved, plated and bare copper rigid connector.
Material: ETP Copper
Sizes: As per customers specification.
Plating: 100% pure Lead plated. Plating thickness from 25 to 50 micron.
Special plating: 93/7 Lead tin plating.

Plastic Headed Bolts

Capacity: Can supply 12m plastic headed terminal bolts to the global traction battery industry.
Material: mild steel bolt with a special high strength plastic head designed to with stand a minimum torque value of 45 Nm.
Sizes: M10x22mm, M10X18mm and M8x22mm.
Design:- Bolts are supplied in two design, with test point and fully covered in Grey and Black colour.
Plating: Zinc plated.

Machined Parts

Capacity:Can supply over 1m machined parts like Insets for COS machine and positive and negative thimbles.
Material: Copper and Brass.
Sizes: As per customer's specification.
Design:- Hexagonal and round shape design.
Plating: 100% pure lead and Tin plated.

Plastic Components

Capacity:Can supply 3 million different types of plastic parts suitable for industrial battery.
Models: Plastic lids, Bottom bars, Sealing washers and support plates.
Sizes: As per customer's specification.